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Don't be afraid to travel with your baby

Something new parents might learn is that travelling with your baby can be a completely different experience. Newborns can be tough to travel with, especially with their under-developed immune systems and unpredictable moods. Travelling with your baby can be smoother if you have the right baby travel essentials.

Frequently asked questions about travelling with babies

When can I start travelling with babies?

Many people have differing opinions. Some airlines allow babies as young as two-days old. However, doctors recommend travelling with babies after they have developed a stronger immune system, which could be as soon as one month, or three to four months. It is important to bring with you the proper baby travel gear - you’d want to be prepared for any situation, especially if your baby is prone to sickness.

What should you bring when you travel with babies?

There are some baby travel products that you should not miss if you are traveling with your baby. If you are travelling by car, a car seat is important to keep your baby safe in the backseat. Pushchairs and carrier accessories can be useful if you plan on walking with your babies - switching between the two can help you reduce tire, and optimise comfort for the baby. Be sure to bring with you the usual - diapers for change, baby bottle essentials and a pacifier, all tucked nicely in your diaper bag.

How do I ensure comfort for my baby during travel?

If you are travelling with your baby by air, ensure that you have booked a seat in advance, and be sure to ask for a baby bassinet. Pack for play time, and try to ease the ear pressure of your babies. If you are travelling by car, experts recommend that travel time be limited to a maximum of 2 hours. If you are travelling longer, be sure to take ample breaks, and take your baby out from time to time.

Get your baby travel gear at Mothercare

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