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Toddler Car Seats: Keeping Your Child Safe During Travels

As a parent, one of the many joys of parenthood is spending time with your child and creating dear memories with them. Travelling with your young ones can be a fantastic, memorable adventure – that is, if you have made your preparations. Ensuring the safety of their child is the priority of every parent. When it comes to travelling, you will need to make logistical preparations to ensure that your little one is safe whilst on the move.

A car seat is a registry must-have if you are looking to take anything, from a road trip to a short trip to the grocery store with your child in tow. Leaving your child unbuckled and letting them move freely about the backseat will only increase the risk of injury. So, be sure to ready a toddler car seat to strap your kids in for a safe ride!

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Seats

What is Singapore’s take on car seats?

According to Singapore’s Road Traffic Rules, the law states that anyone who is below the height of 1.35m will be required to be strapped in with a child restraint appropriate for their height and weight. Those with a height of 1.35m and above will need to wear a seatbelt. Drivers who fail to comply will face a fine or jail term.

Do ride-hailing services offer child restraint devices?

Taxis are exempted from child safety seat requirements, so it’s best to have a car seat of your own ready. In comparison, private hires are not. As such, ridesharing services have introduced and implemented kid-friendly services to meet the child safety seat requirement. GrabFamily, for instance, is Singapore’s first child-friendly private hire service operated by drivers who are outfitted with mifold child booster seats. That said, do note that the prices for such services are substantially higher. However, if one fails to meet this criterion, the driver or/and the parents are liable to a fine or imprisonment.

What to consider when buying a child seat?

The best safety seat is the one that fits your child’s weight, size, and age, as well as your vehicle. You may also want to consider getting one with multi-functional features, such as a portable toddler car seat to carry around with you, one that can be attached to your existing stroller, a seat that has a swivel function, and the like. Lastly, resist the temptation of buying a second-hand one. It may sustain damages or have exceeded the recommended “expiration date”, putting your child at risk.

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