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Joie Commuter Change Travel Cot - Logan
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Safe Travels Always with Mothercare’s Travel Cots

Keep your baby safe and sound while travelling with Mothercare’s many travel cots. Travel cots make a great investment for families with young children as not all hotels or accommodations are able to have baby cribs for infants or beds of the right size equipped to fit your child.

If you tend to travel to and from Singapore several times in a year, a travel cot will give your child a sense of familiarity, since it will give them a sleeping space that they are comfortable and familiar with. As your baby falls asleep more easily in a familiar travel cot, it ensures that his or her sleep cycle does not get disrupted during the trip.

Get a Baby Carrier Along With Your Travel Cot

Travel cots are for bedtime in the hotel, but what about during the day when you are carrying your baby and walking downtown in the streets of a foreign city? Strollers might not be the best choice for overseas trips since some countries might have cobblestone streets, while others do not have walkways wide enough to accommodate baby strollers. Your next best choice would be to use a baby carrier.

The best perk about using a baby carrier would be that it is completely hands free. Feel free to whip out your mobile phones for a touristy selfie or munch on some street snacks, you deserve it!

You can find a variety of baby carriers on Mothercare. Take your pick from soft structured carriers to the wrap and ring slings. Browse through our full catalogue to find your perfect fit according to your personal preferences and baby’s age before you make a purchase.

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