Pushchair Accessories

When it comes to bringing your babies out for a walk, pushchairs and strollers are a god sent for parents as it means that you don’t have to worry about sore arms from carrying your baby for long periods of time. But let’s not forget about stroller accessories which can ensure that your baby stays comfortable during walks and prevent them from fussing due to lack of stimulation in the pushchair.

Here at Mothercare, we have all kinds of accessories that can be conveniently and safely attached to your baby strollers. Popular ones amongst Singapore parents include a portable fan to keep your baby cool, hooks for you to hang small items, cup holders, and stroller organisers to keep knicks and knacks.

Frequently asked questions about pushchair accessories

What are some essential pushchair accessories?

Depending on you and your baby’s needs, you might opt for different accessories for your baby’s pushchair. However, some essentials include a raincover to shield your baby from light drizzles, an adjustable and foldable leg rest to support your growing child and a multipurpose hook for your grocery bag or diaper bag.

Is it safe to hook bags on stroller handles?

Hooks available on Mothercare are safe for use on baby pushchairs. However, parents should refrain from hanging heavy items on stroller handles to prevent the pram from tipping over and injuring your child. You can place heavier bags underneath the pram as a safer alternative.

Does your baby need body support in the pushchair?

Getting a cushion for body support is a good idea if your baby is a newborn or is just starting to sit up in the pram. The cushion will offer support for their head and tender neck, which will be too weak to support their head.

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