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As you eagerly await the arrival of your bundle of joy, you will already be well on your way to curating a list of baby essentials to welcome and care for your little one. What seemed to be an easy task from the onset becomes increasingly difficult and overwhelming – after all, your baby needs a lot of things! When it comes to creating an ideal nursery, there are a few must-haves that will have you scour high and low. Whether that’d be a baby cot to place your little one to drift off to dreamland or a swaddle to keep them nice and cosy, this list can get messy really quickly.

To help you take your first steps in this parenthood journey, Mothercare is committed to providing you with all the essentials you may possibly need. We take pride in carrying a myriad of renowned brands that are celebrated for their innovative and reliable solutions designed to help every parent in Singapore. Browse through our catalogue of Baby Trend products, from the handy-dandy nursery centre to the colourful activity centre.

Sleeping With Your Little One

When your little one is finally in your arms, the desire to keep your baby close is almost insurmountable, even during sleep. If you’re worried about becoming “too much”, know that this natural instinct is what keeps your baby safe. In fact, you’re recommended to sleep in the same room (but not on the same bed) as your baby for at least six months.

This is where a bassinet comes in handy. Strapped for space in sunny Singapore, a bassinet allows you to keep a close eye on your baby without having to make space for a full-size crib. Your little one will enjoy the world from the comfort of the Baby Trend Simply Smart Nursery Centre. This full-size bassinet provides a secure and comfy environment for your little one to get some much-needed shut eye throughout the day. It also comes with an electronic music centre with nightlight and vibration to soothe them whenever they’re overcome by crying spells. Beyond a bassinet, this nursery centre also comes with a changing table and a deluxe parent organiser, making diaper time an absolute breeze.

As your baby grows, this JPMA-certified nursery centre transforms into the ideal playtime centre. Plus, with its one-hand locking mechanism and large caster wheels with brakes, you can enjoy added stability and mobility into the mix. The best part? The nursery centre folds compact and easily fits into the included travel/storage tote bag for convenient portability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Trend Nursery Centre

1. How do I choose a mattress for my Baby Trend Nursery Centre?

The Baby Trend Nursery Centre doesn’t come with a mattress, which means you’ll need to search for one. When mattress shopping, you’ll want to make sure that your mattress is firm. As a rule of thumb, opt for one that bounces right back when you press on it. Any softer will not only be uncomfortable for your little one, but it’ll also pose a hazard for your infant.

If you’re not too sure, you can reach out to our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) via WhatsApp, or approach our friendly store staff for complimentary advice.

2. How do I ensure optimal sleep safety?

As a parent, keeping your bundle of joy safe all day and all night is one of your top priorities! As such, you’ll want to abide by the safety guidelines, even when sleeping.

Aside from choosing the right mattress, be sure to keep bumpers and toys out of the bassinet or crib. Since soft, fluffy items are a no-go, this naturally extends to blankets and baby pillows as well. The reason being they could easily be choking hazards. To further lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), be sure to always put your baby on their back to sleep.

3. How do I clean my Baby Trend Nursery Centre?

Babies can be messy, which makes it imperative that your baby items are designed for easy cleaning, your nursery centre included. For the Baby Trend Nursery Centre, all you need is mild household soap and warm water to wipe the frame clean. The same should be used for any fabric. Avoid bleaching or machine washing.

Cleaning can be quite a hassle, especially when compounded with your other parental responsibilities, which is why you can leave all the cleaning to us! Engage our sparkle clean services which are available at all stores, and let our professionals do the work for you.