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Introducing Maternity Pillows For To-Be Parents In Singapore

Has your partner been finding it hard to sleep as she approaches the later months of her pregnancy? At this stage, she may be going through many changes and sleeping difficulties are one of them. However, this is not a good sign as she will need a lot of rest to ensure maximum body health.

Maternity pillows can provide her with the comfort and support she needs to help her sleep better. Now, before you start searching for places to buy maternity pillows in Singapore, you can trust that here at Mothercare, we have the right products where and when you need it.

A Guide To Maternity Pillows For Your Partner’s Needs

Designed with a narrow shape to fit easily in the bed, our MotherCare Narrow Sleep Body Pillow will support the full length of your partner’s body. This maternity pillow will mould to her shape to give comfortable support to her growing bump, back, and knees.

For maternity pillows that will remain helpful after your baby’s birth, our MotherCare Multi-Purpose Pillow will help to keep your partner comfortably supported throughout her pregnancy and also after your little one is born. This maternity pillow can be used to support her growing bump as she sleeps, helping to relieve tension in her lower back.

Our Clevamama ClevaCushion Nursing Pillow and Baby Nest is another pillow that’s ideal for use from pregnancy right up until the toddler stage. A soft yet firm pillow which fastens around the waist with an adjustable strap, this pillow will help her find a comfortable feeding position, all while keeping your baby supported and secure.

For The Best Maternity Pillows, Shop At MotherCare

MotherCare offers breastfeeding pillows and more to help your partner throughout her maternity journey. With over 50 years’ experience in all baby related products, MotherCare is a leading global baby retailer. Browse our collection below to find the maternity pillow that you need to assist your partner through the arrival of your baby.