Protect little hands with baby mittens

Baby mittens are fun to buy. They are cheap, functional, and come in all sorts of designs and colours. A good pair of mittens help to protect your baby from scratching, keep the fingers warm and snug, and also look adorable when wrapped around those tiny fists. Babies lose their mittens no matter where they are, so you may want to carry a few pairs of this baby essential when out and about.

Frequently asked questions about baby mittens

Should my baby wear mittens to bed?

Even with regular trimming, babies’ fingernails can grow long and sharp in a matter of days. For busy parents in Singapore, it can be hard to keep them trimmed on schedule. Additionally, babies are known to unknowingly scratch themselves when they sleep. This is where mittens come in handy. Purchasing a mitten for your baby for sleep use can reduce accidental scratching and can help your baby have a restful sleep throughout the night.

How long should a baby wear mittens for?

Although mittens can keep your baby safe, there comes a time when he or she starts exploring with their hands. This usually happens in the third or fourth month. When this happens, you can reduce the use of baby mittens from the whole day, to when they are sleeping. This gives your baby more freedom for touch and play, which is important for sensory development.

How can I help my baby sleep better at night?

Many parents would attest that getting a newborn to sleep through the night is no easy feat. However, there are a few things you can do to help them snooze better. Keep the bedroom or cot uncluttered to prevent unnecessary distractions. Alternatively, you can dress your baby in Mothercare’s range of lightweight clothing, and put on mittens and booties to keep warm. Alternatively, try dressing in sleepsuits for a fuss-free experience!

Scratch-free and fuss-free with Mothercare

Our mittens are made from cotton which feels soft and luxurious. Available in multipacks and in a wide range of designs, your baby will truly snooze in style. To make a grand fashion statement, find our matching hats, too! Make your order online, and enjoy free delivery for purchases over $60. You can also opt to collect your purchases from Mothercare outlets in Singapore.