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In a world with a growing urban culture, parents are finding themselves constantly juggling between the demands of work and life’s responsibilities. Along with caring for your little one, every single day may seem like a challenge.

Make parenting a smidge easier by navigating the concrete jungle with your little one safely strapped in an Urban Kanga travel car seat. An essential for parents on the go, an Urban Kanga portable car seat offers you the freedom to go wherever you want with your child while safeguarding their safety by keeping vehicular accidents down to a minimum.

As a leading mother and baby retailer in Singapore, Mothercare wishes to offer you the much-needed support as you ride the waves of parenthood. With an extensive list of innovative products and solutions, we constantly strive to improve and simplify your and your baby’s life. Browse our curated selection of Urban Kanga car seats online or visit our outlets.

Bring Bub Anywhere in Total Safety with Absolute Ease

Bringing your little one on a car ride? Whether it’d be a short trip to grandma and grandpa or a mini getaway to the country beyond the causeway, the Urban Kanga Portable Car Seat has got you covered. This portable, front-facing car seat can be folded down into a nice, compact size. Additionally, they’re produced using lightweight (but superbly strong) materials wherever possible, which means they’re incredibly easy to carry around with you - especially once placed into the lightweight carry case they come with! When it comes to your baby’s comfort, it features a memory foam padded seat and air cushions in the headrest, guaranteeing your child a safe and cosy seat. Plus, its water-repellent mesh backrest is an absolute god sent in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Developed in Berlin, Germany, Urban Kanga portable car seats are designed and built with safety as the number one focus, and comfort a close second. Only the highest quality materials are utilised in their production. These car seats are tested and certified to meet the current European safety standards under regulation R44/04 and are approved by the Singapore Traffic Police. This means you can rest assured your most precious cargo is as safe as possible no matter where you’re travelling.

To ensure that you have all your modern city-living needs met, don’t be afraid to contact our Digital Nursery Advisor (DNA) via WhatsApp for complimentary parenting advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Urban Kanga Car Seats

1. What ages are these travel car seats suitable for?

Urban Kanga travel car seats are forward-facing and will suit babies and toddlers from 9 to 18 kilograms, which is roughly between the ages of 9 months up to 4 years old.

2. Can I use an Urban Kanga car seat in any car?

Urban Kanga portable travel car seat is compatible with vehicles fitted with 3-point retractor safety belts, approved to UN/ECE Regulation No.16 or equivalent standards. We strongly advise against securing your child or their safety seat with a 2-point belt.

3. Can I use the Urban Kanga car seat on the plane?

You may carry the Urban Kanga portable car seat as carry-on luggage, provided that the airline allows you to. That said, do bear in mind that the car seat is not suitable for use-in flight as it requires a 3-point retractable seat belt in order to function correctly.