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The iconic Sophie the Giraffe teether has been a beloved teething tool worldwide ever since it was first released in France in 1961. In the 60-plus years since then, this simple yet effective teether has remained a top buy for parents in Singapore and beyond.

Soothe and Comfort your Baby with Sophie the Giraffe

While teething is a natural part of a baby’s early years, it is still a highly unpleasant experience for your little one. Having a good teether or soother to depend upon during these teething months can save your family loads of distress, and help you ease your baby into toddlerhood a little better.

Sophie the Giraffe Natural Rubber Teethers stand out from the other teethers on the market with their multisensory appeal – from the whistle squeaker that stimulates your baby’s hearing to the high contrast spotted design that even newborns will be able to see and differentiate. They are made from 100% natural rubber and food-grade paint so your baby can ease their aching teeth and gums in total safety. Sophie the Giraffe teethers are safe for use from birth and are recommended for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 2 years.

The natural rubber used in each and every Sophie the Giraffe teether comes from Hevea trees and is waterproof, soft, and imbued with a natural flexibility and durability to ensure it can keep up with the demands of a growing baby. All paints used on Sophie the Giraffe teethers are also made from 100% natural rubber and natural pigments, and are rated as food-grade safe with a texture similar to bottle teat or nipple.

Each and every Sophie the Giraffe teether is hand-painted in the brand’s workshop, resulting in a one-of-a-kind design that makes it a truly special gift to accompany your baby in their first few months of life. Sophie’s adorable giraffe design also means she’ll blend in nicely with the stuffed animals and other plush toys that decorate your baby’s nursery and play area.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sophie The Giraffe Teethers

1. How do I clean my Sophie The Giraffe teether?

Sophie the Giraffe teethers can be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in some soapy water, preferably using baby-safe cleaning soap or detergent. Do ensure no water gets into the whistle hole on the teether’s surface – if water enters the toy this can spoil the whistle mechanism as well as result in moisture buildup leading to mold growth over time.

2. Can my Sophie the Giraffe teether be sterilised?

It is not recommended to use a steriliser for your Sophie the Giraffe teether. Immersing the teether in hot water, boiling water, or water with sterilising solution could damage its natural rubber and pigments.

3. What other teethers does Mothercare Singapore carry apart
from Sophie The Giraffe?

Apart from the ever-popular Sophie the Giraffe, Mothercare carries a large variety of teethers and soothers from brands such as Snapkis, Tommee Tippee, and Pigeon. Shop more leading mother and baby brands online or visit the nearest Mothercare Singapore store to see our products in action.

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