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Girls’ briefs, underpants &
underwear sets to suit any personality

As your girl outgrows the newborn stage and transitions to a new wardrobe, including underwear staples such as briefs and panties is not only practical but also helps to foster independence and confidence as she develops her day-to-day skills.

Let your mini fashionista take her pick from our girls’ briefs, panties, and underwear sets that come in vibrant patterns and designs that capture the spirit of youth. from magical prints to sweet stripes, there is something for every young girl. whether your little one has already mastered toilet training or still relies on pull-ups, introducing her to proper undergarments is a significant step in her journey towards becoming a big girl.

Shop our colourful and playful collection of girls' underwear on mothercare singapore, where comfort, style, and fun come together!

Other than panties and briefs, explore more clothing options for young girls on mothercare singapore, including tops and tees for girls, girls’ pants and bottomskids’ pyjamas sets, and toddler shoes. what’s more, enjoy free next-day delivery with a minimum online order of s$60. alternatively, drop by any one of mothercare experience across singapore to view our girls’ underwear sets in-person.

Soft & comfortable girls’ briefs, panties & underwear sets

Kids need comfortable underwear that can keep up with their active lifestyles. choose from our large collection of undies from renowned kids’ brands that are made of soft fabrics and breathable materials that help regulate body temperature and guard against skin irritation.

Even better, our girls’ underwear comes in matching pyjamas and vests sets that provide ultimate comfort and style. not only is this great for your bub’s wardrobe, but she can also choose from a variety of trendy designs that suits her own unique sense of style. our underwear sets also come in a variety of sizes from toddler to tween, made of high-quality fabrics that are soft, breathable, and durable, so your daughter can move, run, and play without any discomfort.

Frequently asked questions about girls’ briefs, panties & underwear sets

What age should a child start wearing underwear?

Transitioning your child to proper underwear usually begins during the toilet training process between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

Some signs that your lil one may be ready to start wearing underwear include showing an interest in using the toilet, telling a parent or caregiver when she needs to go, and staying dry for longer periods of time during the day.

What is the best underwear to wear for girls?

Choosing the right fabric and fit are major factors to consider when choosing your girl's underwear.

Generally, softer materials like cotton may be more comfortable and breathable than synthetics or blends. finding a fit that eliminates chafing and restriction around the hems, waistbands, and leg openings is also important.

Unsure how to choose the right underwear for your child? consult our friendly and experienced digital nursing advisors via whatsapp for complimentary product advice and parenting tips!

Where to buy girls’ underwear for my daughter in singapore?

Shop and buy girls’ underwear including briefs and panties right here at mothercare singapore where we carry over 450 renowned brands.

Our extensive range of undergarments for girls includes everything from basic plain styles to cute and colourful designs that your child will love. we also have a variety of sizes to suit all ages and body types, so that you can easily find what you need when you shop with us.