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Shop Stretchable Baby Joggers For All-Day Comfort

When our little ones are comfortable, they stay happy, chirpy and adorably cute. Among all the clothing options you may consider, it’s easy to overlook how beneficial a pair of baby joggers can be for your child. Made of soft, breathable material, these infant joggers are designed to keep your baby’s legs warm at night, the perfect option for pyjamas. Alternatively, they make great outdoor pants too and will easily match with any baby boy or girl top

We understand, too, that dressing your baby up can be a challenge, more so for bub who may find it uncomfortable when you force their legs through tight pants. Well, you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to these joggers. Featuring flexible and stretchable waistbands and cuffs, you can conveniently put your baby’s feet through the leg holes and pull the pants up to their waist in one second. That means diaper changing is a breeze too!

Being such a practical and comfortable option for bub’s everyday wear, these joggers are a must to look out for when you shop for baby pants. Begin with our selections on Mothercare!

Browse online and cart out with a new pair of baby joggers or visit our Mothercare Experience Stores and let your baby experience the comfort of these pants before you make your purchase. You may also reach out to our Digital Nursery Advisors via WhatsApp if you need shopping assistance for what’s best for your baby.

From Naturally Soft Organic Cotton To Artful Patterns That’ll Appeal

If you’re a new parent, adding a pair of baby joggers to your list of newborn fashion essentials goes without saying. You won’t go past designs by Mothercare. They feature naturally soft organic cotton, so these pants will feel light on your baby’s skin while offering enough protection against winds or even the cold floor when your baby crawls across. Their stretchy, ribbed waistband and cuffs can also be turned up and down for length adjustments, perfectly adapting to your growing child.

As much as these joggers are practical, they are incredibly versatile in style. Choose from attractive animal and floral prints, striped designs or those with frills, and match them with any baby’s clothing we have available online. When bub is ready for their first pair of jeans, our denim joggers are the ideal choice to accustom their skin to the new material.

Already admiring these cute joggers? We are too! Cart them out today and let bub enjoy the unrivalled comfort these pants are designed for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Joggers

1. Do babies need joggers?

Baby joggers are a convenient and comfortable option for everyday wear. They have flexible waistbands and cuffs, so putting them on and removing them for bub is easy. This makes diaper changing more manageable as well. In addition, they are versatile and can replace your baby’s pyjamas, used as outdoor pants or simply a pair to wear and play around at home.

2. What is the difference between baby joggers and leggings?

While both baby leggings and joggers are great options for infant pants, they’re a little different in terms of how they’re designed. Leggings are styled to be more skin-hugging, which means they offer a tighter fit. This is ideal for babies who are just beginning to walk and crawl as they will be less likely to trip over their pants. They are also perfect to be worn with a range of tops and even baby girl dresses if you want to protect bub’s legs from the cold. Joggers are slightly loose-fitting, optimal for comfortable daily wear. They’re perfect for wearing at home, through the night and when you bring your baby out for a stroll. Since joggers are also largely made of cotton, coupled with their airy design, they’re highly suitable for babies who are experiencing skin problems such as eczema.

3. Where can I buy infant joggers for my baby in Singapore?

At Mothercare, you can browse a range of baby joggers designed for newborns up till they turn 2 years old. Simply cart out online or visit any of our stores across the island to view our products in person. Complement your purchase with more from our baby fashion selections, including newborn baby clothes sets as well as baby tees, skirts, jeans, and more!