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Nurture Your Child's Inner Artist With Arts and Crafts

Some of the most treasured memories for any parent are those handmade “I Love You” cards stuck to the fridge. These scraggly figures hardly resemble you, but they mean more than any store-bought card ever could!

Little kids are masters of the moment – they love the way it feels to smear paint on paper, the sound of the brush as it crosses the canvas, and eventually how their final product turns out.. Unlike older kids and adults, young children are not self-conscious or cognisant about what exactly they are doing or the type of results they are after. Allowing a child to dabble in arts and crafts, and enjoy the process of creation can reap big rewards – bigger than you might think!

Frequently Asked Questions About Arts and Crafts for Kids

What are the benefits of arts and crafts?

Encouraging budding Picassos or Rembrandts to express themselves through art may just set them up as professional artists – but it’s more than that. Like sports, visual arts allow a child to build skills that are beneficial and will aid them in many aspects of their life. Through art making, your little one can develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.

As kids manipulate their art materials, their fine motor skills improve. By experimenting with materials, they dabble in science. By creating something they are proud of, their self-confidence and self-image will increase. In fact, don’t hesitate to sneak in a few teachable moments whilst you’re at it! For instance, sprinkle in a few fascinating animal facts as your child colours the animal illustrations on their colouring pad. By tying creativity and learning together, art can build skills that will extend well beyond the craft room.

What are the types of arts and crafts?

When it comes to arts and crafts, most parents would immediately think of paintings and drawings – but it covers a lot more than that. Introduce other types of crafts like papier-mache art, fibre and textile crafts, drama, and the like! Keeping it interesting will ensure that your child is physically, mentally, and emotionally stimulated.

How can I make art and craft at home?

It does not take much to get your toddler busy for hours. A few crayons, paint and paper are all you need to nurture a love for art. In fact, you can also create something with items you can readily find at home. Let your child explore the process and give them the free reign to express themselves.

If you’re looking to buy art and craft supplies in Singapore, Mothercare can help! Let us help you bring out your child’s inner Van Gogh and Marina Abramovic.