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Spectra S1 Plus Double Breastpump
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Spectra Dual S Electric Double Breast Pump
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Spectra Handsfree Kit 28mm
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Spectra S9 Plus Double Breastpump
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Spectra Manual Switch Kit
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Spectra Silicone Massager (1 piece) for 28mm Shield
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Spectra Neck Adaptor to Standard Neck
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Spectra Premium Breast Shield
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Shop Spectra Steriliser and Breastfeeding Products at Mothercare Singapore

Whether you have decided to be a nursing mother or have your precious little one be on an infant formula diet, feeding your baby is no doubt one of the best bonding moments in parenthood. There is nothing quite like cuddling your baby within your arms, watching them gurgle at you as you coo at them back.

To ensure that you and your child can revel in that beautiful experience, baby feeding products are a definite must. However, it is easy to be boggled by all the options in the feeding supply aisle, and the list of questions seems endless. Before you drive yourself out of your wits, Mothercare is here to help. As your one-stop solution for all your parenting and baby needs, we are here to assist you in this rewarding journey. Shop our curated selection of Spectra breastfeeding products online or in Singapore stores today.

Breastfeeding Made Easy

Breast milk is nature’s perfect food, and no matter how hard it tries, infant formula can never replicate the bountiful benefits that the former can offer. However, with latching difficulties compounded with motherhood stresses, and busy working schedules, becoming a breastfeeding mum can be an uphill battle.

In comes the good ole breast pump - an essential item that offers a breastfeeding mum the flexibility to fulfil their caregiving duties while giving them the space and time to recover. Spectra breast pumps are made with you in mind - they feature massage mode for letdown, very strong suction pressure despite their compact size, closed system, and super-quiet operation.

For parents always on the go, the Spectra S1 Plus Double Breastpump is an excellent breast pump to add to your breastfeeding arsenal. This hospital-grade breast pump offers a letdown mode and fully-adjustable programme to best suit your body. Plus, its inbuilt rechargeable battery means you can breast pump anywhere you are - even when on vacation!

Conversely, you can indulge in a Spectra Dual S Electric Double Breast Pump, a premium breast pump is designed to make breastfeeding a breeze. Aside from the dual pumps, the breast pump is also equipped with dual controls, which allow for independent settings on each breast - a heaven-sent when you are having trouble with one or both breasts. If you are looking for the entire package, the Spectra Dual Compact with Free Handsfree also comes with a handsfree kit, which is convenient if you are planning to be out and about. Once you are done, throw all your baby equipment into a Spectra Touch Panel UV Sterilizer & Dryer to zap all the germs and bacteria to prepare them for the next round!

Frequently Asked Questions Spectra Steriliser and Breastfeeding Products

1. How should I clean my Spectra breast pump?

Every part that touches your breast or milk should be washed thoroughly after every use. This includes your breast shields, milk bottles, valves, membranes, and tubes.

First, you will want to rinse off any residual milk. When doing so, you are recommended to use drinking-quality water (20 °C). Afterwards, wash all the parts with a mix of dishwashing soap with warm water (30 °C) before rinsing them with drinking-quality water once again. Leave it to dry, and you are done!

2. How do I store my baby equipment after sterilisation?

It is best to leave all your bottles, teats, and breast pump parts in the Spectra steriliser until you need them. If you wish to store them away, put the teats and lids on the bottles straightaway. The same should be done for your breast pump parts. Remember to wash and dry your hands before handling sterilised equipment, or better yet, use some sterile tongs!

3. What other Spectra products are available on Mothercare?

Aside from the breast pumps and sterilisers, you can shop for Spectra breastfeeding accessories at Mothercare, including breast shields, valves, and bottles.