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Keep Your Baby Nursery Safe & Hazard-Free With Our Home Safety Products

Parenthood is an amazing journey. It’s chock-full of joy and wonder, but it also comes with its fair share of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights – especially in the initial few months where your little ones are exceptionally fragile and vulnerable to things like choking hazards, sharp edges, or other possible hazards lurking around the home. Thus, putting safety first when decorating your nursery is imperative. After all, a little prevention goes a long way!

Shop Must-Have Nursery Safety Products on Mothercare Singapore

Luckily, Mothercare Singapore has got a comprehensive collection of safety products to child-proof your home and nursery. From corner cushions and multipurpose edge guards to safety gates, gate extensions and more, all these products are designed to keep your baby safe, secure and healthy as they roam freely around the house. They also eliminate the need for constant monitoring and supervision, so you can focus on what really matters: happy parenting!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mothercare’s Nursery Safety Products

When do I need to start incorporating these safety products into my nursery?

Prevention is never too soon! It is recommended to have these safety products ready at least three months before your little one arrives. For peace of mind, do a second round of baby-proofing once your baby starts to crawl.

Where should I put a baby safety gate?

You can strategically place them at the top of the stairs (if you have one in your home), at the door of your baby’s nursery or anywhere that you want to prevent your little one from entering.

What can I do to ensure child safety at home besides investing in these nursery safety products?

You might want to consider getting a smart baby monitor for extra security. These monitors enable you to keep your eye on your baby and listen and watch their every move even when you are not around.