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Keeping your child’s best interest in mind, Bumbo ensures quality, comfort and safety to ease all your parenting challenges. Each Bumbo product features only the highest quality materials in the industry, and is carefully designed to offer support for your child’s major milestones growing up here in Singapore. Bumbo’s commitment to product excellence is evidenced by their wide collection of impressive accolades:

  • Made for Mom Award 2020 (UK)
  • Loved by Parents Award 2020 (UK)
  • BabyYumYum Award 2020 (South Africa)
  • Junior Design Awards 2019 (UK)
  • Baby Awards 2019 (UK)

Bumbo Baby Seats

Mothercare’s curated range of Bumbo Seats will help you ensure that your baby is comfortably supported while they are still learning how to sit upright themselves. Manufactured in accordance with international health and safety standards, these Bumbo Seats promise quality, comfort and safety for peace of mind, along with easy cleaning for your convenience.

Bumbo Floor Seats are an ideal infant seating solution, built for ultimate support and super soft comfort. Their 3-point safety harness will prevent your baby from falling out, while still giving them room to wriggle about as they do. The easy-to-clean Cradle Pink Bumbo Floor Seat and Powder Blue Bumbo Floor Seat can both be ordered online or purchased at any of our Mothercare stores in Singapore.

As for babies who can already sit up unaided, the Bumbo Multi Seat is perfect as a feeding-time chair, a booster chair, or simply as a floor seat. The stow-away trays can be easily detached and neatly kept behind the backrest. The Bumbo Multi Seat is available in mimosa yellow, powder blue, slate grey, grape purple, hemlock green, cradle pink, and coral orange.

Bumbo Potty Chairs

Mothercare also has a range of Bumbo potty seats from their Step ‘N Potty line. The 3-in-1 potty-training solution can be easily converted from a soft and comfortable potty into a step and toilet trainer. Unlike conventional hard plastic toilet trainers, Bumbo’s Step ‘N Potty seats are soft and comfortable, providing your child with the comfort and security a toddler needs during toilet training. Take your pick from the Hemlock Green Bumbo Step ‘N Potty or the Aqua Green Bumbo Step ‘N Potty and place your orders with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumbo Seats

1. How Do I Clean And Care For My Bumbo Seats?

Simply use mild detergent and a damp cloth to wipe down your Bumbo Seat. Never use stronger chemicals or immerse your Bumbo Seat in water, be it a Bumbo Floor Seat or a Bumbo Step ‘N Potty Chair. Doing so may cause surface corrosion and unwanted water absorption.

2. Are There Other Bumbo Products Mothercare Singapore Carries?

Mothercare Singapore also carries a crowd-favourite Bumbo Seat accessory, the Bumbo Zoey the Zebra Suction Toy. Designed to encourage both motor skill development and endless entertainment for your child, this Bumbo Chair accessory is bound to delight your little one.

3. What Are the Recommended Ages for the
Bumbo Step ‘N Potty Chair and the Floor and Multi Seat?

The Bumbo Step ‘N Potty Chair is recommended for babies and toddler from 18 months to 3 years old. The Bumbo Floor and Multi Seat is recommended for children between 3 to 12 months and 6 to 36 months, respectively.

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