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Comfy girl pyjamas for a good night’s sleep

For growing girls, a good night’s sleep can help release growth hormones, perfect for healthy growth and development. That’s why it is especially important to wear comfortable clothing at night to sleep in. Coming in sets, you never have to worry about mismatching - comfy and fashionable!

Frequently asked questions about our pyjamas for girls

How do I get my girl to wear pyjamas to sleep?

For girls who aren’t accustomed to wearing pyjamas to sleep, it may seem like a challenge to phase them into wearing pyjamas over normal clothes. The key is to find a pair of girl pyjamas that are not only cute and fashionable, but also comfortable for your girls. Pyjamas come in many different sizes for girls of all age ranges, so look for a fit that suits your girls.

What sort of pyjamas are suitable for my girls?

Girls pyjamas come in many different shapes, colours and sizes to cater to the wants and needs of little girls around the world. If you are unsure where to start to look for, opt for breathable, lightweight material that is kind to young skin. This could either be cotton or fleece. Ensure that the chosen material is also suitable for the temperature that your girls sleep in.

How do I care for pyjamas?

Like many other articles of clothing, girl pyjamas come in a wide range of materials. Caring for pyjamas is dependent on the material. Most cotton pyjamas are typically machine washable, which makes them fuss free to care for. You may also consider enzyme washing and use softener so that the material becomes softer with every wash.

Shop for girl pyjamas at Mothercare

At Mothercare, you can be sure that we have the most comfortable and fashionable girl pyjamas that you can choose from. While shopping, you can also take a look at our wide range of girl fashion clothing to go with that. Shop for Mothercare girl pyjamas online with free delivery after $60 to any address in Singapore. You can also collect your purchases from our outlets in Singapore.