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Sandsational Delightful Desserts Set
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It’s not uncommon for many children to gravitate towards certain types of toys at the department store. With many designed to attract our little ones – think bright colours and cartoon designs, not forgetting those based on their favourite characters, it’s no surprise that we as parents would pick them up, assured we’ve selected a set we know our child will love. But it’s also helpful to take a step back and understand the developmental impact these toys can offer your child. Surely a couple of cute toys like a teddy plush would be a charm to add to your child’s bedside, but learning toys designed to facilitate growth are worthwhile investments too.

Paying attention to the need for sensory development, Sandsational’s selection of toys leverages the benefits of sand play, inviting children to explore a journey of imagination and creativity.

Ignite The Artist In Your Child With Sandsational Sand Play Sets

With tools for cutting, digging, shaping and rolling sand into creations, your child enters a world of sensory exploration with Sandsational. They can improve their sense of touch when they experiment with loose dry, grainy sands and even those with glitter. At the same time, they’ll learn how to differentiate between various hues of the sand.

Sandsational toys are also perfect if you’re looking for ways to fine-tune your child’s motor skills. When your child picks up sand with a pinch or presses them into the various shapes of moulds, they help strengthen arm and hand muscles. The use of shovels and the moulds themselves facilitate hand-eye coordination. But the fun doesn’t just end there. Sandsational takes it up a notch by introducing moulds of castle facades, leaving your child to figure out which ones are suited for towers and those as foundational structures. Animal-shaped moulds are also available, so your child can jog their memory and call out the names of these creatures as they work on their sand figures.

Let your child experience the wonder of sand play with the range of kits by Sandsational. With diverse selections available on Mothercare, there’s no need to go store to store looking for one. Why not visit one of our Mothercare Experience Stores in Singapore and let your child have a go at it? You’ll be able to understand how your child interacts with the sand and items, and seek advice from our experts on many ways to make the most of the kit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sandsational

1. Do Sandsational sand play kits come with tools?

Yes, every sand play kit by Sandsational comes with tools like shovels, rakes and rollers, alongside those for cutting and shaping. They are also packed with attractive moulds, so your child can build a fairy castle or recreate the wonder of the underwater world.

2. How old must my child be to play with Sandsational’s kits?

Sandsational builds sand play kits that are ideal for children ages 3 and over. Since there are various small parts and pointy objects, keeping them away from newborns and infants will be ideal. Nonetheless, please supervise your child when they play. If you need further advice, get in touch with our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) in Singapore on WhatsApp for guidance.

3. Are there similar toys like those from Sandsational?

There are many toys for children available on Mothercare, but if you’re looking for something that offers a more sensory experience, consider play dough. Your child can explore their creativity in building and recreating various structures while exposing them to a world of colours.