Baby crib for a Good Night’s Sleep

For babies, sleep time is extremely vital for growth. Babies sleep not just at night, but typically a few hours all throughout the day. In order to facilitate this and give your baby a good snooze, consider getting a baby crib for your home. You can choose from a wide range at Mothercare.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Cribs

How does a baby crib differ from a baby cot or moses basket?

All three can function as a sleeping area for your infant children. However, baby cribs differ from these in multiple ways. For example, while a moses basket can be lightweight and portable, a baby crib is typically bigger and sturdier. Baby cribs are similar to baby cots, however they are smaller, making it perfect if your space is more compact. In addition, because baby cribs are smaller than baby cots, they are more comfortable for younger infants.

When can my baby start using a baby crib?

When babies are first born, experts do not recommend having your babies sleep together with parents. Instead, it may be better to let babies sleep in their assigned space in the same room as you if you prefer to keep an eye on babies throughout the night. As such, baby cribs become especially useful as they are compact and comfortable for your babies’ sleep. Your babies can use baby cribs until they outgrow them, or till they reach 24 months.

How do I choose or prepare a baby crib?

Safety is extremely important in choosing a baby crib. First, you should ensure that the space between bars is not more than 2 ⅜ inches (roughly 60mm), which is about the width of a can of coke. This helps to prevent your baby from getting stuck or slipping out. In addition, baby cribs that come with cutouts on the headboard and footboard should be avoided for the same reasons. Corner posts must be removed if there is a risk of injury. You may also want to periodically lower the mattress as your child gets taller. Lastly, keep the baby cribs bare, without pillows or plush toys, to reduce risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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