dining booster seat

Choosing a Dining Booster Seat for Your Child

When your toddler starts to eat solid food, you might want them to join the family at the dining table, which means it is time to get a dining booster seat for them. High chairs might be the first option that comes to mind, but children hate sitting far away from the table, they want to feel included during dinner time as well, which is why dining booster seats, which can be attached on top of a dining chair, are the best choice for your child in this case.

Easy Clean Up

For a fuss-free clean up after meals, be sure to go for dining booster seats with a smooth surface and minimal crevices so food won’t drop in areas where you can’t see them.


Toddlers grow at a rapid speed, you definitely do not want to be buying a new dining booster seat every few months. You can save money by purchasing height adjustable ones so the seat can be used for a longer period of time even if your baby grows bigger and taller.

Easy Storage

Space is scarce in a Singapore home, a set of foldable dining booster seats will definitely be ideal for easy storage and to save space when not in use.

Frequently asked questions about dining booster seats at Mothercare

1. What is the difference between a high chair and a dining booster seat?

Dining booster seats are fitted over a regular dining chair while a high chair is a tall chair which stands on its own with a baby seat at the height of a dining table.

2. How do I know my baby is ready for a dining booster seat?

Babies are typically ready to sit on a booster seat once they reach the weight of 18 to 30 kg.

3. What types of booster seats are available at Mothercare?

Mothercare has a wide variety of dining booster seats available online for your toddler ranging from floor seats to portable booster seats and even car booster seats.