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Among all the essentials you’re preparing for your little one on the way, it’s important to include a couple of baby hats in the list. newborns are unable to regulate their temperatures and can easily fall ill when their tiny heads are exposed to cool winds or heat from the sun. they also lose heat from their heads very quickly because they have a larger skin surface area with little hair growth. baby caps come in to help maintain for them an ideal body temperature. beanies also protect their heads from external elements that could otherwise cause scratches and bumps. being newborns, their skin is incredibly delicate, making them susceptible to irritation and injury. and when they’re trying to adjust to their surroundings, it’s important that they don’t accidentally scratch their heads should their mittens fall off while they’re asleep.

Selecting the right cap for your baby can make a difference. going for beanies made with soft material keep them comfortable despite the weather. the right fit ensures the hat fits snuggly on their little heads no matter how often they move in their cribs. we understand how important these factors are when purchasing baby caps, as with all other baby clothing. with our collection of beanies, you can rest assured you’ll find the perfect one for your little one. browse and cart out infant caps, including set pieces comprising cute mittens, to make the most out of your online purchase with mothercare.

Factors to consider when buying baby caps for newborn

As a new parent, choosing the right baby cap for your newborn can be a challenging task. it's important to keep in mind your baby's comfort, safety and needs when making your selection. we understand that you want to ensure your little one is protected and comfortable, and we're here to help. here are some factors to consider when buying baby caps for your newborn:

  • material: to ensure your little one feels nothing but comfort, select infant caps carefully crafted from soft and airy fabrics that won't cause any skin irritation.
  • size: most newborns have a head circumference of between 13 and 14 inches. we recommend looking for baby caps that are specifically designed for newborns or 0-3-month-olds for a comfortable fit.
  • style: some hats have ear flaps or ties to help keep them in place, while others may have an elastic to keep it snugged around the head. for a cuter design, baby caps with little top knots will leave bub looking adorable.
  • weather: living in the tropical climate of singapore means choosing a cap that will keep your baby cool and comfortable in the heat is important. conversely, if bub is in an air-conditioned environment, you'll want a cap that will keep your baby warm against the cold. baby winter hats are perfect choices too, when travelling to cooler countries.
  • safety: look for baby caps that meet safety standards and are designed without any loose strings or other potential choking hazards.

Whether you’re looking for a cap for your baby boy or girl, you’ll be able to find a beanie suited to the style you’re after. if you need more assistance, our digital nursery advisors are always available to help. contact our team of specialists on whatsapp, and they’ll provide you with guidance on the appropriate baby caps you can purchase online. they’ll also answer any questions you may have so you can find exactly what you need for bub, including other essentials for your newborn, such as infant leggings and feeding bibs.

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in person, we invite you to visit one of our mothercare experience stores in singapore. bring your little one along to try on a few beanies and see which ones fit and look best on them. our experienced staff will be on hand to provide you with expert advice and help you find the perfect cap for your child.

Frequently asked questions about infant hats

What are baby hats called?

Baby hats are commonly referred to as baby caps, beanies or bonnets. they are typically made of soft, breathable materials and come in a variety of cute styles and sizes to fit newborns and infants.

Do newborns always need a hat?

As with swaddles and baby sleeping bags, newborns benefit from wearing a hat when they are outside in cold weather, in air-conditioned environments or under the sun. however, hats are not always necessary and should be used with caution to prevent overheating. it is best to consult with a paediatrician for specific recommendations for your baby.

How do you put a beanie on a newborn?

To put a beanie on your newborn, gently stretch the inside of the beanie with your fingers and put the top of the hat onto their head. while supporting their head and neck, pull the beanie down to cover their head and ears. the beanie should fit snugly on your baby’s head and not feel too tight. learn how to swaddle your baby too, and you’ll be ready to prep bub for a relaxing sleep.