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Maximising comfort with a nursing bra

It’s no secret that your life isn’t the same post pregnancy. You’ll start seeing changes in your everyday, even down to your body. A nursing bra can be your best friend in these unpredictable times, especially to accommodate the changes in your chest area. Mothercare provides some of the highest quality nursing bra sets for mothers in Singapore.

Frequently asked questions about nursing bras

Do I need a nursing bra?

If you have smaller breasts, you may go without one. However, if you happen to be fuller in the chest, a nursing bra will provide you with proper support, and also provide you with convenience as you begin to nurse your baby. Nursing bras are designed in a way that does not add pressure to the breast tissue. If you are experiencing discomfort, a nursing bra can alleviate leaking and soreness, helping to heal your breasts.

When should I start using a nursing bra?

The time to start wearing a nursing bra may differ for different people. The general rule of thumb is this: you can start wearing a nursing bra as soon as you notice your breasts growing and changing. This could be as early as your first trimester.

How do I choose a nursing bra?

Be it a padded nursing bra or a strapless nursing bra, there is one for every occasion. A good practice is to choose a nursing bra that is at least one cup and back size bigger than your everyday bra, to account for the changes in your breasts during pregnancy or after childbirth. Most nursing bras come with nursing clips that are discreet and allow the front of the bra to drop for the baby to feed. In this way, you don’t have to worry should you need to nurse your baby.

Shop for nursing bras with Mothercare

At Mothercare, you can rest assured knowing that we have the best quality comfortable nursing bras in town. If you’re looking to shop for one, be sure to check out essentials for breastfeeding to go with. Get $5 off with your first purchase online, and free delivery for purchases online over $60 to any address in Singapore. Alternatively, you may collect your items from any of our outlets in Singapore.