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If you live in a big house in Singapore or are thinking of moving your child to sleep separately from you, having a baby monitor can allow you to check on your baby late at night without having to leave your bed or risk waking your baby up when you enter their room. Even if you are working from home in the study during your child’s nap time, you can work worry-free with a baby monitor that allows you to see your baby in real time on video.

Frequently asked questions about baby monitors

When should parents start using a baby monitor?

Usually, newborns sleep with their parents for at least six months to facilitate late night feeds with mummy,. Therefore, the best time to invest in a baby monitor would be when parents plan to shift their baby to their own room when they are slightly older.

Do baby monitors keep a recording of camera footage?

Unfortunately, not all baby monitors are able to keep a recording of video footage. If you are looking to capture and keep footage of your baby’s first step or every milestone, you might want to opt for a baby monitor that has a memory card capabilities to keep a memory of important moments.

What other functions does a baby monitor have?

Other than the basic function of keeping a stable video connection of your baby, baby monitors at Mothercare come with a myriad of capabilities that can assist parents to ensure that their babies have a restful sleep. These features include talk back capabilities that allow parents to soothe their baby through the speaker with zero interference, projected night light and the ability to play lullabies to soothe your rousing baby or put them to sleep.

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