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Philips Avent Curved Soothie 0-6M (twin pack) - Blue
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Soothing Your Little Ones

Is your crying infant driving you nuts? You’ve checked the baby’s diapers - they are not soiled, they have also just been fed and changed into warm, comfortable clothes. The air-conditioning is at an optimal temperature and there is no noise disturbance present - what else are you missing? It is time to break out the newborn pacifier?

Research has shown that incessant crying of an infant could be due to the absence of constant noise and stimulation that they felt when they were still in the womb. They are still getting used to the outside world, which is worlds apart from being inside a womb. How do parents go about soothing their infants by mimicking the environment of the womb then?

Baby Soothing Made Easier With Mothercare

To make soothing time easier for our first-time parents, Mothercare has a wide range of baby soothing essentials available for all new parents in Singapore. If latching is too taxing for Mummy, there are always baby pacifiers available. Baby pacifiers, also widely known as baby soothers, also make it easier for Daddy to sooth the baby when Mummy is resting or not around.

It would be best to get a soother clip, soother steriliser and soother holder along with the pacifier so as to prepare for times where your baby needs to be soothed while you are out and about or simply to be kept in a clean holder in the diaper bag. Having a soother clip will also ensure that your baby’s pacifier will not be lost accidentally as he or she fidgets in the stroller.

Soothe your baby with less fuss with Mothercare today.

Frequently asked questions about soothing babies

What are the 5 S’s of Soothing?

The 5 S’s - Swaddling, Side positioning, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking can apparently calm most infants in a matter of minutes if done correctly.

How does the 5 S’s of soothing help to soothe my baby?

The essential baby soothing techniques under the 5 S’s activate the baby’s calming reflex by mimicking their experiences in the uterus.

Is it a good idea to use a pacifier to soothe my baby?

While the use of pacifiers is controversial due to its difficulty to wean babies off it, the pacifier can actually help soothe your baby quickly and successfully.