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Adorable baby bottoms for a fashionable outfit

No outfit is complete without a bottom piece to finish the look. The same goes for baby clothing! There’s a large variety in the market for baby clothes, and baby bottoms make up a large portion of this. They are comfortable and come in many different styles and designs for you to pick and choose for your babies. Here at Mothercare, we boast an expansive collection for both your baby boys and girls.

Frequently Asked questions about baby bottoms

How do I choose baby bottoms?

Baby bottom wear comes in a variety of designs - the material used, colour, size and style may all differ slightly. Since babies are still too young to decide what they like or might dislike, parents can opt for neutral styles in relaxing colours. The important thing is to make sure that when selecting baby bottom clothes, opt for a lightweight, breathable material that is comfortable and allows room for babies to move around and play with ease. You should also make sure that the clothes are neither too thick nor thin, but rather one that is perfect for the tropical weather in Singapore.

Should baby bottom clothes be washed before wearing?

Yes. You should always wash your baby’s bottoms or any other clothes before letting your baby wear them. This is because babies have highly sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and other skin conditions. Washing baby clothes before wear means that you can first get rid of residue and other potential irritants, leaving the clothes fresh and clean, perfect for your baby.

How do I care for baby bottoms?

A baby’s skin is very delicate, and for this reason, parents must take precautions when washing baby bottoms and other inner or outerwear. It is recommended to use gentle detergents, as they contain non-irritating stain-removing enzymes but are still highly effective in cleaning the clothes. In addition, if your baby has highly sensitive skin, consider switching to detergents formulated specifically for baby bottom clothes to reduce the risk of inflammation. As per washing instructions, it may be good to refer to the clothes washing labels to ensure the longevity of the apparel.

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