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Red Castle is a French company that strives to perfectly meet the needs of babies and parents worldwide. With your child’s well-being and safety at the forefront of their concerns, Red Castle commits to innovation, technicality, style and security in product design and manufacturing. Rest easy knowing that your child will, with Mothercare’s curated line-up of Red Castle products in Singapore.

Red Castle Cocoonababy Nests

The Red Castle Cocoonababy features an ergonomic design created by professional paediatric physiotherapists. To be used as a daytime lounger for your little one, the Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest helps ease your child’s transition from the comforts of the womb to the outside world, in as gentle a manner as possible. More importantly, it can even help offset some of the most common adaptation difficulties that your child may face, such as reflux, colic and waking with a start — all while improving the overall quality of their relaxation time.

Pick between Miss Sunday Red, Fleur de coton White, or Dreamy Cloud when deciding on a Red Castle Cocoonababy with fitted sheets. But that’s not all. There are also the Cotton Bubble, Dream, White, Leaf, and Vicky Coord Red Castle Cocoonababy Nests to leave you spoilt for choice.

Red Castle Maternity Pillows

Red Castle also makes maternity and nursing pillows for mothers that are ergonomically designed to support your back while relieving your shoulders and arms during breastfeeding and bottlefeeding. With its patented fleur de coton material composition, these Red Castle Maternity and Nursing Pillows make for great comfort companions not only after your child has been born, but also throughout your pregnancy.

From the Jersey Tiny to the Jersey Howell to the Jersey Blossom and more, each maternity and nursing pillow from Red Castle promises unparalleled comfort and well-being for times that can otherwise be stressful on your body. Get your very own Red Castle maternity and nursing pillow from Mothercare Singapore today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Castle Cocoonababy Nests
and Maternity Pillows

1. How Do I Clean And Care For My Red Castle Cocoonababy
and Maternity Pillows?

The waterproof cover and fitted sheets of Red Castle Cocoonababy Nests are machine washable, though they must be dried completely before use or storage. The foam cocoon itself should not be washed or allowed any contact with water, to prevent damage to the foam.

For Red Castle Pillows, be sure to always wash them in a protective cover that is securely closed, and in a machine big enough to let the pillow move freely; make sure to not tumble dry your Red Castle pillow, and let it dry completely before use or storage.

2. Are There Other Red Castle Products Mothercare Singapore Carries?

Mothercare Singapore also carries Chalk Pink FLeur de Coton Bebacals and White Fleur de Coton Bebacals from Red Castle, as well as their Quilted Cocoonacover Baby Blanket.

3. What Are the Recommended Ages for the Red Castle Cocoonababy?

The Red Castle Cocoonababy is recommended for babies from birth to up to 4 months or whenever your baby starts rolling.

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