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Buy Mifold Car Seats From Mothercare Singapore

Part of the joy of parenthood is being able to head out and about with your bundle of joy. But, if you are travelling by car, no matter where you are headed, then a baby car seat or toddler car seat is absolutely important to ensure your child’s safety while you are on the road. Designed with your child’s best interests in mind, Mifold ensures quality, comfortable, and safe car seats as well as car booster seats for you to head out on adventures or complete grocery runs with your little one.

Safety On The Go With Mifold Car Seats

Offering a range of car seats designed with innovative features, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your baby is buckled in safely with Mifold. Unlike other brands of car seats, Mifold is the world’s most adjustable highback booster seat. Designed with the unique Multi-Fit technology, the Hifold is compatible for children aged 4 and up, weighing 18kg-45kg, and 100cm-150cm tall.

The Hifold is the only booster seat in the world that can be adjusted separately in four areas – the seat width, body width, and head width come with three settings each, whereas there are nine settings for the height. This means that the booster seat grows with your child whilst ensuring optimal seat belt fit and comfort. What’s more, the advanced “MultiFold™” system of Mifold booster car seats allows you to quickly fold it down into a compact and convenient size that you can store away easily. It is also designed with a convenient carry strap so that you can take it with you on vacation or for carpooling and taxis.

Mifold Booster Car Seats

When your little one has outgrown their car seats but is too small to use your car’s seat belt system, they need a bit of a boost. Mifold’s range of booster car seats offers a convenient setup for your child. Designed for children aged four and above, with a weight between 15kg and 36kg, we recommend they use this booster until the car’s seat belt can fit your child properly and comfortably.

Mifold’s Comfort Booster Seats are the world's most compact backless booster and can fit into your child’s backpack, your handbag, or even your glove box – making them ideal for carpooling, a travel booster seat, and many more. When opened up, it has a very narrow design that you can fit three of them in a row across the back seat of almost any car, allowing you to ferry your child and their friends on playdates!

Buy Mifold’s range of car booster seats and other baby car accessories from Mothercare Singapore online, or simply visit any of our Mothercare Experience stores to test out the car booster seats.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mifold Booster Car Seats

1. How does a Mifold booster car seat work compared to a regular car seat?

While a regular booster seat lifts the child to the same position as an adult, a Mifold does the opposite. Instead of lifting the child up, it holds the seat belt down so that your child can be strapped in safely. There are adjustable belt guides on either side of your child’s hips to hold your car’s lap belt snugly against your child.

In the case of a collision, the child is protected the same way with a Mifold booster car seat.

Need more information or advice before deciding on a car seat that would be suitable for your child? Reach out to our Digital Nursery Advisors (DNA) on WhatsApp and we’ll advise you on the right car seat to take your little ones out.

2. In what colours are mifold booster cat seats available in?

Mothercare Singapore carries four colours of Mifold Comfort Booster Car Seats – Charcoal Grey, Emerald Green, Ocean Blue, and Royal Purple. The Hifold Fit-And-Fold Booster Seats are available in Grey and Red.

3. How can I clean the mifold booster car seat?

Mifold’s range of booster car seats are designed for ease of cleaning. You can wash the surfaces with a mild solution of soap and water before airing it dry. You can also use alcoholic gels or alcohol solutions to clean the plastic parts. Avoid using bleach to clean your Mifold booster car seat as it is not safe for children. Alternatively, you can also wipe down your Mifold booster car seat with antibacterial wipes that are safe for both babies and children.