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We know how important gifting is, from welcoming a new baby to celebrating parenthood milestones. A beautifully wrapped gift accompanied with personalised well wishes shows forethought and care placed into your present. Select your desired gift from mothercare and allow us to help you accomplish your gift giving tasks through our online gift wrapping service.
Step 1
check if your desired item is eligible for for gift wrapping service (a gift icon would be visible on the product page).
Step 2
after adding your item to cart, select "gift wrap & delivery" upon checkout. include a personalised message of your choice.
Step 3
enjoy a peace-of-mind delivery - all gifts will be double packed for protection, and prices excluded from delivery receipt.


How can I know if an item is eligible for giftwrapping?

  • Please kindly note that if an item is eligible for giftwrapping, there will be a gift icon, indicated with "gift wrapping info" shown in the product display page.

Would all the items in my transaction be wrapped in a single gift box?

  • Please kindly note that odd-sized items like car seats, bouncer, swing, etc would be wrapped individually.
  • Smaller-sized items like toys, fashion, feeding equipment, etc may be wrapped together in a single box.
  • Mothercare Singapore will do its best to present the items in the best possible option available.

How is the Gift Wrapping Cost calculated?

  • Please kindly note that there would be increments of $4 depending on the size and weight of the items.

Is Gift Wrapping Option available for next-day delivery?

  • Gift Wrapping Option would not be available for next-day delivery. Recipients will receive the items within 3-5 working days.

Can I Click & Collect if I opt for Gift Wrapping Service?

  • Please kindly note that Gift Wrapping Service for online purchases will not be extended to Click & Collect.

Would there be any price tags attached for items that are checked out with Gift Wrapping?

  • All price tags will be removed for all items that are checked out with Gift Wrapping.
  • The gift receipts that would be included in the package would not indicate any price.

How can I include a personalised message in the giftwrapping service?

  • Your personalised message can be enetred in the message box, which can be seen in the checkout page.

Is physical gift message card offered for both standard and gift wrap & delivery option?

  • Yes, gift message card will be provided with no additional charges.
  • Customers can put their personalized message in the message section on the checkout page.
  • Please kindly note that the gift card will be Mothercare branded and the design may subject to change during seasonal period.
  • Please kindly note that there are no additional charges associated with the gift message card provided by Mothercare Singapore.
  • Gift message card can be requested regardless whether the selected delivery method is standard or giftwrap & delivery.
  • Should you require a gift message card, please type in your greetings in the message box, on the checkout page.
  • The greetings will be transferred into a physical gift message card, and sent to the receipient along with the order.

Can I include items that can and cannot be gift-wrapped in the same cart?

  • Items that cannot be gift-wrapped should not be included in the same cart as the cart indicated for gifting.
  • Please kindly note that if the cart consists of items that can and cannot be gift-wrapped, the gift wrap & delivery option will not be shown in the checkout page.
  • Mothercare singapore suggests purchasing in a separate transaction for items that cannot be gift-wrapped.