Baby blankets and sheets

Wondering where you can purchase the best baby blankets and cot bed sheets for your little ones in Singapore? Look no further as Mothercare has a wide array of baby blankets and sheets of the finest quality available on our online store for your perusal. Choose from our many different cot bed sheet designs to add a pop of colour to the nursery and keep your baby warm and protected while they sleep with our soft cotton blankets.

Frequently asked questions about baby blankets and bed sheets

When is it safe for babies to use a blanket during sleep?

To prevent suffocation during sleep, newborns should not sleep with soft objects or loose bedding for at least the first 12 months. Once your baby is old enough, you can introduce blankets and pillows during bedtime. Before that, you can opt for footed onesies to keep your baby warm.

How do parents choose the best blanket for their baby?

The most important factor to consider while picking out a baby blanket would be the fabric of the blanket. In Singapore’s tropical climate, the best option would be cotton as it offers maximum breathability and will allow your baby to sleep comfortably without feeling too warm or too cold. Wool or fleece blankets might be too thick and warm for Singapore’s climate but can be a good option for overseas trips.

Can the right cot bed sheet help babies sleep better?

While there is no surefire way to ensure that our baby falls asleep quickly, you can bet that comfortable bed sheets play a big part. High quality cot bed sheets made from soft and breathable cotton can help babies settle down, relax and get ready for sleep with lesser protest.

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