Philips Avent Food Maker Bundle

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We understand that nutritious food is essential to your baby's healthy development. The Philips Avent healthy baby food maker helps you prepare tasty homemade meals, tailored to your baby's needs, in a simple way.


features & benefits

    Philips Avent 4-in-1 Food Maker

  • Create effortless nutritious baby meals
  • Steam, blend, defrost and reheat your homemade meals:
    The 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker enables you to prepare nutritious homemade meals, all in the same jar. You can serve the food immediately or store it in the container included, and reheat it later on with the easy-to-use reheating or defrosting functions
  • Unique way of steaming to cook healthily:
    Steaming is a healthy way of cooking. Our unique technology lets the steam circulate upwards from the bottom, making sure all the ingredients are evenly cooked without boiling. Goodness, texture and the cooking liquids are retained for blending.
  • From steaming to blending, all in one handy jar:
    You'll find everything you need to make nutritious baby food in one single jar. Once your ingredients are steamed, all you have to do is lift the jar, flip it over and lock it in place, so you can blend to your desired consistency.
  • From pureed to chunky, for every step of the way: From very finely blended fruit and vegetables to combining ingredients of meat, fish and pulses and finally offering chunkier textures.
  • Cook up to four meals at a time with the 1000ml jar:
    The 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker also helps you save precious time and plan ahead. The jar has a 1000ml capacity, so you can cook up to four meals at one time. Serve one meal and store three in your fridge or freezer for later.
  • Beep alert notification:
    No need to wait or watch. A distinctive beep will tell you when the food is cooked to perfection. All you need to do is flip the jar, blend and serve or store for later use.
  • Dishwasher-safe jar and blade and easy access water tank:
    Even when you've finished cooking your meals, the 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker is very practical. The jar and blade are dishwasher safe, and with its open design, the water tank is easy to clean and refill, allowing you to cook with clean steam, every time.
  • Capacity: 1L for steaming, solid food, 720ml for blending, liquids

  • Philips Avent Food Storage Cups

  • Store and feed your healthy weaning meals with our new food storage cup.
  • Sterilize and re-use the storage cup with the Philips AVENT at home and away.
  • Prep you baby food early with the Food Maker and portion it for easy meal preparations of meals for the week.
  • Easy to use and clean: Can be used safely in bottle warmer, microwave, dishwasher and sterilizer.
  • 4x 180ml/6oz storage cups

  • Venes Tote Bag

  • Reusable lunch tote bag
  • Oxford cloth, waterproof insulated Lunch Bag
  • Stylish blue and white stripe design
  • Fit two standard lunch containers, fruits, drinks and some snacks. Large enough for your daily lunch, drinks and snacks without being too big or bulky.
  • Dimension: L 26 x W 15 x H 36.8 cm
  • Made with highly durable and waterproof polyester cloth 3.5mm of insulation cotton to keep your food cold or warm for at least 4 hours

whats in the box
    Philips Avent 4-in-1 Food Maker
  • 1 x Food Maker
  • 1 x Spatula
  • 1 x Recipe Booklet
  • 1 x Storage Pot (120ml)

  • Philips Avent Food Storage Cups
  • 4 x 6oz/180ml Storage Cups

  • Venes Tote Bag
  • 1 x Tote Bag

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care instructions
  • How to descale my Philips Avent baby food maker

    - Descaling your Philips Avent baby food maker helps keep it clean and extends its lifespan. Find out how to descale your Philips Avent baby food maker.

    1. Make sure the appliance is switched off

    2. Mix 80 ml of white vinegar (6% acetic acid) with 80 ml of water. Alternatively, you can use citric acid with warm water to descale the water tank

    3. Add the solution to the water tank

    4. Put the water tank lid on the water tank and turn the lid clockwise to lock it securely in place

    5. Wait for 6 hours, leave it overnight, or until all limescale has dissolved

    6. Pour the used solution out of the water tank

    7. If the limescale buildup has not completely dissolved, repeat the previous steps

    8. Pour some fresh water into the water tank and flush it out. Repeat as necessary until the water tank is clean

    9. Rinse the water tank lid thoroughly under the tap

    10. Fill the water tank with 200ml (4-in-1 baby food maker) /180ml (Essential baby food maker) of water and let the appliance complete a steaming cycle with the jar empty before you use the appliance with food again.

    *If the product is not working because of wrong/insufficient descaling, any malfunction will not be covered by the guarantee.

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