baby & kids clothes

Babies and kids grow more in the first year than any other time in their lives, so it's not surprising that new parents find themselves constantly shopping for new outfits. It can also be tricky with to know which size to buy especially if your little one isn't an 'average' size. This chart can help you to buy the correct baby and kids clothing based on their height and weight.

newbornup to 56cmn/an/a
1-3 months55 to 62cmn/an/a
3-6 months63 to 68cm42.5cm46.5cm
6-9 months69 to 74cm47.5cm49cm
9-12 months75 to 80cm49cm50cm
12-18 months81 to 86cm50.5cm51cm
18-24 months87 to 92cm53cm52cm
24-36 months93 to 98cm55.5cm53.5cm
3-4 years99 to 104cm57cm54cm
4-5 years105 to 110cm58.5cm54.5cm
5-6 years111 to 116cm60cm55cm
6-7 years117 to 122cm62.5cm57cm
7-8 years123 to 128cm64.5cm59cm
8-9 years129 to 134cm66cm61cm
9-10 years135 to 140cm67.5cm63cm