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Buckle Up: Essential Car Seat Accessories For Your Kids

As any driver knows, the road is fraught with dangers and hazards – even more so when you have a precious one in the backseat. Let other drivers in Singapore know to be extra careful around your car by giving them a head’s up that there is a baby on board. Mothercare boasts a wide range of car seat accessories to keep your little one safe. Shop online or visit any Mothercare outlet in Singapore today.

Car Seat Accessories: More than Just Keeping Your Child Safe

When you have a little one strapped at the back of the car, they’re not only an extra passenger, but also a temperamental troublemaker. It often means messy seats, toys strewn all over, and most definitely, cranky little ones that will make sure you know that they are bored the moment you put the gear in drive.

Car seat accessories help make travelling easier, by keeping the little ones happy, and your car clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Seat Accessories

What is an important car seat accessory to buy for my kid?

Your child’s safety is of utmost priority, and your car seat accessories should reflect that. Pick out a reliable car seat that is appropriate for your baby’s age and weight. If you have an existing baby carrier, ensure that the car seat base is compatible with your carrier. Take into consideration their in-built safety features and opt for one with accurate and effortless installation.

When can my child switch to a regular seatbelt?

Singapore law requires anyone below the height of 1.35m to be secured in an appropriate booster seat, car seat, adjustable seat belt, or other suitable child restraint system. Once your child is 1.35m or taller, they will need to wear a regular seatbelt regardless of age. Failure to comply with this can result in a fine and demerit points for the driver. When your child switches to a regular seatbelt, ensure that the lap belt fits comfortably across their thighs and the shoulder strap fits across their chest and shoulder.

Where can I buy a quality car seat accessory in Singapore?

At Mothercare, we have various car seat accessories to meet your needs, including typical yellow and black “Baby on Board” signs, animal headrests to cushion your child’s head and neck, and car seat bases to fit your travel system on. With a few car seat accessories and gadgets, you can make car trips with your child more enjoyable.